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Honda Dio Vs Yamaha Fascino Who’ll Business Business Lead The Chart

Honda and Yamaha had very contrasting journeys in the Indian two-wheeler part. While Yamaha predominately announced its entry in the bike segment, Honda is still providing the Indian customers with many high-profile, best-selling stuff like the Activa and Aviator. Yamaha also recently determined to enter the gearless flexibility mobility scooter range to issue the top marketplace market leaders in the part. Today, we are looking at the newest offering from these lenders, Yamaha Fascino aswell as the Honda Dio.

Designs and Looks

The appears and style on the Honda Dio appears stale and uninspiring generally mainly because that the appearance continues to be utilized predominately by several producers before. The handlebar is generally lacking leading headlights which are placed beneath it. Alternatively, the shows up on the Fascino shows up sleek and special. The outer design frame through the scooter is produced out of incredibly rigid under bone tissue tissue aswell as the curves shows up from resulting in the trunk shows up actually and great. You can test the to secure a better appearance of the newest and exclusive style on the Fascino.

Champ: Yamaha Fascino


The Yamaha Fascino is powered by an cc air-cooled engine which is bigger compared to the air-cooled, .2cc engine on the Dio. Incredibly though, little engine on the Dio is still able to generate a power consequence of 8 BHP which is generally too much greater than the 7 BHP created on the Fascino. The torque on the Dio is generally 8. Nm which may be bigger compared to the 8.1 Nm on the Yamaha Fascino.

Champ: Honda Dio

Tires and Wheels

It comes due to the fact understandable that both Dio and Fascino discuss the same specifications on the car wheels and wheels front side because so lots of the car scooters within this section likewise have the same setup due to the fact them. They both are set up with a couple of -in . sheet metallic wheels and / tubeless car wheels for added road grip.

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For added security, the Yamaha Fascino is installed with a couple of mm drum brakes on its flexibility mobility scooter, the same specs that will also be equipped on the Honda Dio. It truly is probably extremely unsatisfactory truth that none of these have got eliminated for leading drive brake while could be the norm today in the price segment.

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Transmitting and Suspension system

The Honda Dio runs on the computerized clutch system for the whereas the Fascino includes a Dry, Centrifugal suspension system.

Over the suspension system front, Honda Dio has springtime loaded hydraulic type suspension system on both sides whereas the Fascino works on the telescopic fork suspension system gadget on leading end and a tool swing movement hydraulic suspension system with shock absorber within the trunk end.

Champ: Yamaha Fascino

Fuel Consumption

The Honda Dio is backed using the Honda Eco Technology which is fitted utilizing a 5.3 Liter gas tank set alongside the 5.2 Liter gas tank on the Fascino. Even though, the gas tank ability difference is generally negligible, the Yamaha Fascino can offer a greater gas mileage at kmpl in comparison to the kmpl gas mileage supplied by the Honda Dio. The complete journeying range for the Yamaha is merely about km whereas the Honda Dio is definitely able to km a comparable complete gas tank.

Champ: Yamaha Fascino


The Yamaha Fascino will come in India at an on-road price of Rs , whereas the Dio is made for minimal Rs , (on-road price). Certainly, the Yamaha Fascino will need the upper-hand against the Honda Dio in relation to looks as visible from Yamaha Fascino photos, in energy intake and suspension system. However, the Dio manages to pip the Fascino in the engine features.