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How to Wear Them Budget Fashionista Style Stacked Bracelets

If you wish to go bold with your stacked bracelets, fall is the perfect season to do it. On super-hot days, a collection of bracelets just isn’t comfortable. And on cold days, you may spend half your entire day struggling to really get your coat on / off over your arm jewelry. Ah however the fall…cool breezes, light fabrics and three-quarter sleeves generate a perfect backdrop for stacking.

Here’s your inspiration to miss the statement necklace and get a statement bracelet stack instead.

Two Steps for Stellar stackable bracelets
Bracelet stacking is an innovative endeavor – it’s almost an ‘anything goes’ situation, where you’re only tied to how bold you are feeling that day. Really the only risk for a bracelet stack is having way too many star pieces at onetime. And frankly, this risk increases for older women.

The same big, flashy stack of bracelets might look hip over a 20-something and gaudy on the 40-something (you can disagree beside me upon this in the comments – but know that I’m in the 40-something category therefore i think I’m being realistic here rather than judgy).

So here’s the destination to start: select the piece that’ll be the star and then build around it.
Next, consider the material of your bracelet(s), which can help you select how to stack them and what outfits will continue to work well with them.
Wooden Beaded Bracelet Stacks
Wooden beads have a natural, bohemian flair. Each goes perfectly with everyday ensembles of denim, leather and cotton. Think loose t-shirt and denim jacket with sleeves rolled up, crop pants and lace-up leather sandals. You are able to pair monochrome wooden beads with a multicolored stone bead bracelet. Or, get one of these few metal bangles as bookends on either side of your beads.

mannequin wearing beaded stacked bracelets
These coiled beaded bracelets from Soothi each make their own stack, nevertheless, you can also pair them together for extra impact.
Remember that your bracelet stack will be less successful if you match wooden beads with something more formal, like gemstones or a tennis bracelet.

Stone Beaded Bracelet
Stone beads are a tad dressier than their wooden counterparts. I love to pair a few bracelets that will be the same color (or near it) with one brighter option. You can even get one of these few stone beaded bracelets in corresponding colors with a silver wristwatch or cuff bracelet.

Metal Bangles
Bangles are all-purpose and serve well as the supporting cast for just about any bracelet stack. Choose different finishes and widths for variation, rather than wearing 20 of the same piece. And be sure you execute a sound check! Bangles can be loud, and you almost certainly don’t want to appear to be a cat with a bell on its collar!

Chain Bracelets
For an elegant and feminine look, try pairing two to four chain bracelets for work or even dressier occasions. A slinky group of chains is more fluid than coils of beads and bangles, and can radiate a high-style vibe. You can even showcase one piece that has color or some other material – usually the piece could be more impressive when it’s surrounded by simpler jewelry.

silver chain bracelet with geometric wood pattern
This silver chain bracelet from Soothi with wooden geometric pattern is dainty and feminine.
mannequin wearing stacked bracelets
Pairing that same dainty bracelet with a thicker silver band highlights that geo piece even more.
One latter – for the reduced maintenance fashionista – is to keep a few coiled bracelets handy. Go this route so you receive the stacked look and never have to waste any brain power on pairing. I love this program on sluggish Monday mornings.