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Principal Features: – km/h you’ll be able to push the auto to the typical rate of the automobile and relish the wonderful occasions. – Aerobatic Wheelie Motivated by KV high-torque engine, the wheelie is normally a breeze because of this. It is possible to execute the secret to achievement once you want. – Shock-resistant the structure is strengthened using a dense steel plate, aswell as the best shocks around extremely assistance it. – Almighty Conqueror the all-terrain car auto tires aswell as middle of remarkable let it operate conveniently on abnormal streets. Furthermore, the mAh LiPo significantly fits your desire of enhancing additional.

At RC Drone Field we don’t simply protect aeroplanes, but also many other RC monster automobiles such as vehicles, golfing carts and more. Presently we’re more likely to look at a substantial fascinating RC car which might be viewed as among the better obtainable, were discussing the JLB Competition continue understanding how to know a lot more!

The JLB Competition can be an extremely great executing off-road RC monitor. Enhanced by a competent KV high-torque brushless engine with 4 interesting posts, the auto are certain to get at prices up to Kilometres/h. The also works on the splash proof HOBBYWING A brushless ESC gives A ongoing present. RC car’s servo is in fact water evidence aswell since you’re more likely to force this most reliable in messes and whatnot, they have steel apparatus that’s km-cm and 0.sec/°.

The automobile also contains a extremely resilient metal framework, oil-filled shocks, all-terrain 4D tires plus they have two more compact tires over the trunk again to execute wheelies perfectly. JLB Competition’s carries a sizeable .1V mAh C LiPo which will allow about Twenty occasions of fun.

Every part of the JLB Racing RC monster truck shows it experienced in running within the unusual streets, just like the steel metallic framework, oil-filled absorber, amazing surprise structure etc.

Main Features:


You’ll be able to drive your vehicle to the typical rate of the automobile and luxuriate in the spectacular a few momemts.

Acrobatic Wheelie

Driven by KV high-torque engine, the wheelie is normally a breeze because of this. You is normally capable of carrying out the secret to achievement once you wish.


The framework is strengthened using a thick steel plate, aswell as the top shocks around strongly support it.

Almighty Conqueror

The all-terrain wheels aswell as center of huge allow it run easily on irregular streets. Additionally, the mAh LiPo significantly matches your desire of improving further.

JLB Competition off-road RC competition automobile can be an extraordinary RC monster automobile constructed with the impressive KV brushless engine and HOBBYWING A brushless ESC, enabling it to gain access to the biggest cost of kilometres/h without the issues. The extraordinary truggy carries a amazing wheelie bar which makes it simple to improve the front area of the RC monster automobile while keeping in balance. The FLYSKY FS – GT2E successfully assures the control collection of – m.