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Mystory App – The Storyplot Of You

An software program which automatically writes a user’s autobiography and adjustments your personal tale right into a lifelong memoir

The app/software program utilizes an interview and discussion based format, which initiates a conversation (utilizing speech recognition technology and a conversational technology super model tiffany livingston and potentially). It enables an individual to curate items of details that are essential to them, such as for example interviews about their lifestyle record, childhood family members, job, beliefs, interests and other activities typically within a biographical account or life tale.

After every interview, MyStory compiles the knowledge, stores it apart, and would head to function identifying and capturing key term, central and repetitive themes and topics, inserting everything in a organized and dated sequence. MyStory after that requires everything that information, filter systems it and analyses it, perform edits, can help you in creating chapters and a name, and inputs it right into a regular reserve design template. The iphone app furthermore have got a manual component which allows an individual to record, without the use of the app interviewer permitting them to formulate their own private narrative. The results or the pice de rsistance. types own exclusive auto-biography.

MyStory can be an interactive interview design app/software plan, which automatically writes the users autobiography producing an e-book, or if you want a soft back again copy you are able to purchase through our reservation binding and finishing partner (be aware: reservation binding services individual is a charge) – It really is want having your own private ghost article writer but with no fee (ghost authors are usually paid ranging from $,. – $,.)

The advantages of MyStory

Preservation of family members heritage- gives you to make a personal traditions archive

A distinctive and thoughtful legacy present for family, close friends or someone special

Self applied posting – traditional posting companies look for brand-new manuscripts via house published literature , and in addition these kinds of books can frequently be used being a improved cv or content, or short tale

Verification of lineage

Provides conception and greater knowledge of family before us their thoughts, thoughts and how we are inter-connected, that may often provide ease and comfort, encouragement and motivation knowing how a member of family faced an identical experience

Creates a created and long-term footprint to pass on to another generation

Usage for traditional records

Preservation of family members customs, beliefs and lifestyle and namesakes

Greater knowledge of types individuality and how we match the broader globe all over

Greater understanding of an traditional event, and potential participation inside our ancestors

A great, interactive, engaging procedure which may be recovery and beneficial knowledge taking the average person down a emotional, spiritual and enlightening disappear completely of home breakthrough. What a amazing way to component your daily life along!

Great organizational as well for personal docs

With any cellular iphone app the biggest challenge is data security and privacy and MyStory App isn’t a exception due to the nature from the app. MyStory App Inc, is certainly acquiring every precaution and technique to ensure the info cover and protection for our clients and our business.

The coding of MyStory is its final stages, as soon as complete we are conducting a market analysis and attaining feedback to find out click-thru experiences, over-all opinions and subsequent fine-tuning or coding revisions for the production of the best product. Our forecasted unveiling period is certainly January , nevertheless if we perform experience a hold off we will chat this to your backers and maintain them up to date and updated regarding status.